Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! 2012

They'll be parties with costumes

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year...

And trees with some frosting

And playing out in the snow!

They'll be nutcracker's dancing

And ice skaters prancing
And down town Des Moines all aglow
but we've missed our families and this isn't like any Christmas we use to know!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  They'll be much mistletoeing and some "thundersnowing"

And Iylie's preschool putting on a show
They read some stories and it kind of felt like Christmas' long long ago!

It's the hap-happiest season of all...
They'll be Kim's first Christmas dinner
The Polar Express was a winner and even though we weren't home


They'll be presents to unwrap 
And sitting on the mall Santa's lap

This year we have really felt the love the "Savior" has shown!!

All I can say is that I’m so grateful for my loving Savior who suffered for my sins and if I follow him and become like him I can be with my family for eternity!  That is the greatest of all the gifts I could ever receive and as I felt a little hole in my heart this Christmas without being near ALL the ones I love, this thought sure filled it up and I truly felt blessed! We had our first Christmas in Iowa and well, it was really quite great and it is the most wonderful time of the year!!

Thanksgiving in Kansas City!! One to remember!!

I was trying not to get my hopes up that my parents were bringing my grandparents to Kansas City for Thanksgiving because the weather here doesn't always cooperate.  My aunt and uncle are serving as the mission presidents in Kansas City so we all thought we could do Thanksgiving there.  It worked out!!  I was so happy to have at least one holiday with my family this year.  It couldn't have been any better!  I got to see lots of people I love and Iylie sure had a blast!  I also got to do some shopping with my mom and dad which was so simple but I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with them!

One year older and wiser too!!

Our little Iylie turned three!!  We can't believe it but we sure had fun! She loves Tangled and has been talking about having that as her party since last spring so that's what we did!  We had a couple little friends over, had some "hazel nut soup" (AKA chicken noodle) with braided bread, and had a pinata.  They had to hit Flynn Ryder with a frying pan:)  Such a fun day for a special little person!  We sure love having her in our family!

Brett also had a birthday at the beginning of December, the big 28!  All I can say is he's aging quite nicely:)  We got to go to dinner and that is a treat because we don't get to do it very often!  (Thanks dad for the coupon)!  So proud of Brett and all he's accomplished this far in his life!  I still get butterflies in my stomach when I'm around him just like that fifteen year old girl did when she saw him in seminary 12 years ago.  I love you Brett Dille!!

We thought we were going to have another birthday in our family this month.  Good thing that didn't happen!  We had a little scare after Thanksgiving.  I guess I was super dehydrated and when I came home I was spotting:( so I called my doctor late at night and he said to go in and get things checked out.    I went to the hospital and they said they wanted to keep me overnight because I was so dehydrated.  They also told me I was almost dilated to a three and I was only 33 weeks so that was a little scary.  Well I stayed over night, they gave me some steroid shots, and checked my contractions.  I was put on bed rest for a couple days which was impossible to do with little Iylie running around but I did my best.  They check me every week and so far nothing's changed so things are much better now!  

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! 2012

The Fall is my favorite time here in Iowa!!  So many fun little pumpkin patches and farms to visit:)  We also had Grandpa Scott and Grandma Cath come to join us for some fun!  We loved every minute of it and are truly grateful to have such amazing parents!  They helped us more than they will ever know and we love them!  Iylie is so lucky to have so many great examples in her life!  
We had a fun but simple Halloween!
The Pumpkin Ranch

Me and my girl!!

The Living History Farms

Our friends Drew and Tasha

Roasting some marshmellows

Grandma Cath!

She loves to "wrastle" Grandpa Scott!

Doc, Happy, Snow White, and little Sleepy! 

I'll get you my pretty:)

She did not like the wig!

Last year vs. This year's Halloween Lunch


Last year vs. This year's Halloween Candy